A tribute to one of the most talented actors of this era. A man of class, talent and modesty. In one word: a gem. (I know it cause I met the man). Feel absolutely free to ask me anything!

becool--mallory said: hello there. i actually just wanted to thank you for your admirable blog. i just love it. it makes me smile and adore Ralph even more (if this is actually possible) ;-) thank you . xx

Thank you so much darling, your message meant a lot! And yes, it is possible to love Ralph even more - there’s no limit actually ;) xx

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Ralph Fiennes

© Jamie Simonds


"A few years ago, I had the opportunity to shoot the renowned actor Ralph Fiennes for a Gate Theatre production of Beckett’s ‘First Love’ for an Australian tour of the production. We met on a cold, December morning on the Grand Canal bank at Huband bridge, near Baggot Street. I’ve never known a man to create such a steely atmosphere in one look to camera. We had chosen an early shoot to avoid any of the tell-tale signs of modern life and I wanted to catch the type of natural light fitting to the scene of a 1940’s black-and-white picture. As we were shooting, a female jogger came along the track. We waved her through and as she waved to the subject of my picture, she noticed who it was, forgot she was running and nearly went head over heels into the canal. After checking she was ok we went back to our shoot. The next frame of Ralph was a smile but as a consummate professional, he quickly returned to character and this was the product of our labours."  - Anthony Woods (via voldieshorcrux)

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Ralph Fiennes, 1995

Ralph Fiennes, 1995

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You smug @#$%.  How dare you?  Really, how dare you?

screen caps from this vid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2rakZu0kBY and he’s stupidly smiley in it.  Smug little teapot.